Day Job...takes me away for another month.

I am off on Thursday to join back up with my lovely tour family. This leg of the tour starts in Vancouver and takes then to Europe. The last show date is in Scotland on the 27th of August. I am contemplating taking an extra week or two ALONE, to visit Italy, Greece and Switzerland. More on this front later.

The past month at home, has been rough. A lot of emotional stuff...processing loss and relationship turmoils. Life is painful at times.

I try to keep in mind the universal rule of polarity when I am in this state. With every one thing there is it's exact opposite...thus is life. So when I say life is hard or painful, I must also believe that life is exciting and joyful. I try to focus on what I am to learn from the pain and turmoil. Then grow from it. I'll let you know how that goes....

More to go pack! Talk to you guys when I get to Vancouver.